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About Us

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Learn To Freeride is a company that creates instructional interactive CD-ROM's for your computer. The owner and founder of Learn To Freeride, Brandon Moore, has been snowboarding for 18 years and has taught snowboarding for 11 years in Utah and Colorado. He currently helps coach a local freeride team and helps to coordinate local events and competitions. Brandon graduated from USU with a bachelors degree in Business Information Systems. He has been developing data-driven websites and multimeida applications for 5 years. The Learn To Freeride company takes the love and passion of snowboarding and combines it with the talents and skills of a "web guy" to bring you fun, clean, interactive learning for all ages.

What Makes Us Different?

We use CD-ROM and multimedia technology to create an interactive learning environment. Currently DVD format cannot handle the type of interactive elements we have included within each CD.
We use video footage of beginner through expert level riders to show differences in style and what it will look like when you actually start learning the tricks.
We use fundamental building blocks to take each trick from the prerequsites and beginner moves to the intermediate and freeride levels. See real riders along with tips, cautions, and common mistakes.
We have spent thousands of hours creating a fun, clean, and usable interface for everyone. It's cool enough for the teenagers and clean enough for parents and younger children.
We offer year-round active learning that is entertaining, fun, educational, and just a click away.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help you learn freestyle tricks and moves in a fun and interactive environment using the latest multimedia technologies.

The Making of LTF Volume 1 - Flatland, Rails, & Jibbing
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