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LTF Printable Notes

Welcome to the LTF printable notes section. This page has a link to a number of other sub pages with text and how-to's for some of the tricks. NOT all text in LTF application is available via these printable pages.

Tricks and Moves

Trick 1 - Ollies and Switch Ollies
Trick 2 - Ground Spins - 180's and 360's
Trick 3 - Manuals and Presses
Trick 4 - Nose and Tail Rolls
Trick 5 - Butters and Intermediate Flatland
Trick 6 - 50/50 Grinds
Trick 7 - 50/50 to Boardslide
Trick 8 - Backside Boardslide
Trick 9 - Frontside Boardslide
Trick 10 - Switch Tricks on Rails
Trick 11 - Presses and Nose/Tail Slides
Trick 12 - Spin Tricks on Rails
Trick 13 - Snow Jibbing
Trick 14 - Taps and Bonks
Trick 15 - All-Mountain Jibbing and Fun

Style and Safety

Smart Style
Park Etiquette
Personal Safety
General Style Points
Choosing Conequences

Extra Stuff

Lingo and Slang
How to use this CD
Taking a Lesson
LTF User Agreement
Other Products
Contact Us
CD Credits
Rider Profiles
Special Thanks

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